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Welcome to Rowe Volkswagen Auburn, your destination for new Volkswagen cars in Auburn, ME. We carry a great selection of new Passat models equipped with high-tech features that will satisfy your desires for a luxurious driving experience. We are offering you a reliable resource to understand the functionality of this spacious and sporty vehicle. The new Volkswagen Passat will give you a wide variety of features and technologies to assist you across any journey. We are here to help you discover the benefits of the new VW car and thoroughly equip you for your commutes to Lewiston, ME and beyond.

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Performance Features

The performance of the new Volkswagen Passat is excellent. The Passat offers a fun ride that is easy to control. Turbocharging comes standard with the VW Passat, so you won't have to upgrade to achieve this result. Thanks to the powerful engine that propels quickly, both the driver and passengers will have a rewarding and exhilarating experience. There is a unique feature that you should be aware of regarding this turbocharged engine. Volkswagen designed it so that cool air constantly flows into the engine for optimal performance. You can really tell the difference here when the engine does not appear as stressed with excessive heat. This feature will inevitably boost your horsepower, torque, performance, and overall handling during all road conditions in the Augusta, ME region.

Exterior Design

The exterior of the new Volkswagen Passat appears attractive and aerodynamic, and you can tell that Volkswagen forged it with consideration and care. The sporty lines catch the eye and create a flow of continuity. The precise detailing of these lines is evident, and you will enjoy this beautiful design for years to come. There are also meticulous multi-purpose details that bring the entire car together and enhance its appearance beyond measure. It has an innovative and modern appeal for your Brunswick, ME adventures. The VW Passat is incredibly stylish and comes in different colors, depending on your preferences. The exterior arrives crafted with the finest materials, and it remains resilient against the elements over long car rides. It also has a luxurious appeal for your travels around Falmouth, ME.

Interior Amenities

There is a great emphasis on comfort with the new VW Passat model, and the first perk is that you get increased legroom and a spacious seating design. The new car has all the bases covered when it comes to the industry interior standard. However, it goes a step further than other options with some amazing technology that makes your driving experience more comfortable. For instance, this Passat can automatically adjust the windshield wipers according to the rain. It takes into consideration the external elements that might inhibit driver safety and comfort, too. One feature is that the mirrors offer an automatic dimmer adjustment to make bright lights from other cars more bearable. You will attain peace knowing that every aspect of your interior experience appears covered by an intuitive design.

Safety Features

Preparation through safety is something new Volkswagen models offer, and the new Passat is no exception to this standard of excellence. A rearview camera system helps you stay engaged with pedestrians and traffic behind you for increased awareness. When it comes to crash resistance, the Passat model is excellent because it has a very sturdy safety cage built-in to help absorb impact. This design helps to move the energy of the crash away from the driver and passengers during an accident. You can gain access to an intelligent crash response system that will help you through unpredictable situations. An automatic post-collision brake system will activate the brakes if you get into a crash and are in danger of hitting more vehicles to prevent further harm.

Technology Innovations

You will gain convenient access to a host of technology features that enhance every drive in the Volkswagen Passat. Connectivity and integration features deliver a more productive experience. You will have a responsive touchscreen display to access media and navigational tools. This route guidance will assist you throughout different locations and keep you in the loop as you cruise through Freeport, ME. The VW car's sound and audio are fantastic, thanks to premium content and a solid sound system. Keyless access via smartphone through the push of a button is another feature to consider if you're looking to make transitions smoother. There are also beneficial driver-assist features that give you more confidence in safety on the roads. There are some key features that are worth noting here, including a blind-spot monitor, adaptive cruise control, lane assist, rear cross-traffic alert, parking distance control, and more. Additionally, you will have the ability to connect all your apps to the Passat, and they will appear on the touchscreen display.

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