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Volkswagen is always adding to its models and lineup so that car shoppers have many options to choose from and a better driving experience to enjoy. Sometimes those changes come in the form of a new car, which is exactly what the Volkswagen Arteon is. This sportback style sedan is graceful, exciting, and comes with tech sure to have you smiling when behind the wheel. If you're looking to buy a new all-wheel drive sedan, keep reading to see why you should make your next car the new Volkswagen Arteon!

Why Buy a Volkswagen Arteon from Rowe Volkswagen

The new Volkswagen Arteon is elegance personified, and the exterior makes many hints towards the sportiness of this model. A turbo-four engine waits under the hood of every Volkswagen Arteon for sale at our dealership, and many models have all-wheel drive so that you get traction in snowy weather. The platform makes for a comfortable ride even over bumps, too, and the handling adds to your comfort and excitement. The interior of the Volkswagen Arteon has a lot of space for both passengers, including over 40 inches of legroom in each row, and cargo, 27 cubic feet thanks to that sportback design, and this adds to the comfort and convenience of your ride.

Additionally, the Volkswagen Arteon offers many tech systems to help you during your drive. An infotainment system with a large touchscreen connects easily with your smart device while heated seats in both rows and a panoramic sunroof let you enjoy driving in any weather. Plus, the new Volkswagen Arteon has all sorts of driver-assist technologies, from a parking assistant to adaptive cruise control!

Let Us Know What Else You Want to Know About the Volkswagen Arteon

The info above highlights a lot of what makes the new Volkswagen Arteon such a great car, but there is still much more to learn about all that it has in store for you. You can call or send an email if you want more details, but our dealership and the Volkswagen Arteon are also easy to find as we're right across from the Auburn Mall. Come on by today to see the new Volkswagen Arteon for yourself!

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