Get Your Car's Tires Inspected, Repaired, or Patched at Our Service Department

Even the most durable tires wear out over time. Driving on worn tires is never a good idea, nor is doing so necessary. Our service department team stands by ready to help drivers take better care of their tires and wheels.

Tire Services Offered at Rowe Volkswagen

A Complete Inspection

A full inspection of the tires becomes necessary to determine how many more miles can pass before replacing the tires. Our technicians examine the tread, the air levels, wear and tear on the sides, and more.

New Tires Ordered and Installed at Rowe Volkswagen

Do not worry about ordering new tires. Our team will provide you with a selection of options to replace the old ones. We can match up the right size tires for your make and model, go with tires intended for heavy use or economy ones, at the end of the day the choice is up to you.

Drivers can request special selections such as winter tires, all-season tires, summer tires, and more. Our range includes almost any option drivers request.

What about installation? The team handles all installation and balancing work. Just make the request when you come in to buy new tires.

Tire Rotations

To maintain even wear, rotating the tires from front to back and back to front becomes necessary. We'll rotate your tires to help preserve their life. After removing the tires, we could even perform other services such as water checks for leaks or even a full brake inspection.

Flat Fixes

If the tire keeps running low on air, there may be a small leak. The tire might not need replacing, though. Sometimes, a patch fix is possible. Even totally flat tires may be eligible for a patch job. Let the team inspect the problem and determine if a minor repair can do the job.

Setup a Tire Appointment Today

Give us a call or schedule online when you want a tire repaired, replaced, or inspected. Set up an appointment over the phone or through our scheduling tool and bring the vehicle over. We'll take it from there.

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