The All-New Volkswagen Arteon Enters the Sedan Class in Style

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​A new vehicle coming to our Volkswagen dealership always causes a buzz, but that's especially true of the all-new Volkswagen Arteon, which is a sedan with added functionality. The Arteon has sleek sedan looks, but the rear door opens higher up towards the roof so that you have plenty of room for fitting larger items, and the rear seats fold down for a larger cargo area. Sound like the type of car you need for your drives? Learn more on the all-new Volkswagen Arteon when you read on!

Why is the Volkswagen Arteon Ideal for Auburn, ME?

To start, the new Volkswagen Arteon is one of the few sedans to offer all-wheel drive, so if you need a sedan for your commute or just prefer the style but also have to deal with winter driving, the Arteon has an option for you. Along with being an all-wheel drive sedan option, other engineering aspects of the Arteon, like its standard 268-horsepower engine and adaptive chassis control, ensure that drivers find the thrills and comfort they're looking for on their drives. Plus, the cabin design of the Volkswagen Arteon provides plenty of space for both rows of seats and plenty of storage space in the trunk to boot!

Additionally, as a completely new model, the Volkswagen Arteon has brilliant and cutting-edge technologies helping in all manner of ways. For total comfort, there's available massaging front seats, and for those chilly mornings, heated seats and steering wheel, and there are three separate zones for climate control so that each passenger gets the right temp for them. The Arteon is also a joy to drive because of the safety technologies, like Lane Assist, that provide greater peace of mind on the road, and there are tons of features focused on helping you use smart devices in a safe and simple manner too.

The introduction of the new Volkswagen Arteon has many around Rowe Volkswagen excited, and if you'd like to find out even more about it and all that it has in store for drivers, reach out to us today so that one of our team members can fill you in on other details and questions you may have!

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